Censor Dodge

Censor Dodge

Censor Dodge started simply as a personal project that I maintained to fulfil my needs, as the proxy sites on the market were slow, and ridden with popups. Not to mention that the proxy script that powered them was outdated and did not do what I needed. This went as far as even getting blocked fairly instantly after the first use, because of heuristic analysis and clues in the URLs.

So I started writing Censor Dodge, which at the time was just called “web proxy”, to unblock sites at school. Then friends and family started using it for their purposes, and it spread around the school, even teachers began to use it!

After that, I became passionate about censorship, and the domain name came up for sale, so I chose to re-brand web proxy as Censor Dodge and released the script online completely open-source. As time progressed, I decided to further the brand and make it easier for people to create their proxies to get around blocking, and our revolutionary one-click setup was born.

Where to use Censor Dodge:

The source code is hosted on http://www.CensorDodge.com. As well as the source code many regularly updated proxies are available, all free of charge!